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Agroalimentaire L’agroalimentaire ou agro-industrie est un terme regroupant l’ensemble des industries ayant un lien direct avec l’agriculture. Il s’agit aussi des agriculteurs en eux-mêmes que des entreprises chargées de la fourniture du matériel ou de la transformation des denrées agricoles.. Source
Alimentation L’alimentation est le choix et l’intégration de la nourriture par un être vivant. Une fois les aliments choisis et intégrés, les processus de nutrition permettent à l’organisme de survivre et de fonctionner. Source
Accepted Engineering Principles Those current coastal and hydraulic engineering principles, methods and procedures that would be judged by a peer group of qualified engineers (by virtue of their training and experience), as being reasonable for the scale and type of project being considered, the sensitivity of the location, and the potential threats to life and property. Source
Accepted Geotechnical Principles Those current geotechnical engineering principles, methods and procedures that would be judged by a peer group of qualified engineers (by virtue of their training and experience), as being reasonable for the scale and type of project being considered, the sensitivity of the location, and the potential threats to life and property. Source
Accepted Scientific Principles Those current principles, methods and procedures, which are used and applied in disciplines such as geology, geomorphology, hydrology, botany and zoology, and would be judged by a peer group of qualified specialists and practitioners (by virtue of their training and experience), as being reasonable for the scale and type of project being considered, the sensitivity of the location, and the potential threats to life and property. Source
Accretion Growth or increase by the gradual accumulation of additional material. Source
Accuracy The degree to which the result of a measurement, calculation, or specification conforms to the correct value or a standard. Source
Acquiescence Implied consent to a transaction, to the accrual of a right, or to any act by one’s silence or without express assent. Source
Acre Is an imperial measurement. The (English) acre is a unit of area equal to 43,560 square feet (10 square chains, 160 square poles or 0.4047 hectares). Source
Act A bill that is passed by the legislative assembly after its third reading and that receives royal assent is enacted and becomes an Act, i.e. the law. The terms « statute » and « act » are interchangeable Source
Ad Filum Aquae To the central line, or middle, of the stream. Literally, to the thread of the water. Source
Ad Medium Filum Aquie To the middle thread of the stream. Source
Adjacent Implies that the two objects or parcels of land are not widely separated, although they may not actually touch, while adjoining has the second meaning and implies that no third object or piece of land lies between them. Source
Adjoining Owners Those persons who own land touching the subject land and who is as a result have right to notice of proceedings concerning subject real estate as for example in zoning and licensing matters. Source
Adverse Environmental Impacts Those physical, biological and environmental changes which are of long-term duration, where the rate of recovery is low, where there is a high potential for direct and/or indirect effects and/or where the areas is considered to be critical habitat or of critical significance to the protection, management and enhancement of the shoreline ecosystem. Source
Adverse Possession A method of acquisition of title to real property by possession for a statutory period under certain conditions. It has been described as a statutory method of acquiring title to land by limitation. In order to establish title in this manner there must be proof of non-permissive use which is actual, open, notorious, exclusive and adverse for the statutorily established period. Source
Affidavit A statement or declaration reduced to writing and sworn to or affirmed to before some officer who has authority to administer an oath or affirmation. Source
Agreement The mutual understanding between two persons that forms a legal contract; and also, the written record of that arrangement. Source
Air Rights The rights granted by a fee simple, lease agreement, or other conveyance of an estate in real property to build upon, occupy, or use, in the manner and degree permitted, all or any portion of space above the ground or any other stated elevation within vertical planes (through the boundaries of the property). Source
Aliquot The description of fractional section ownership used in the U.S. and Canada. A parcel is generally identified by its section, township and range. The aliquot specifies its precise location within the section, for example, the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter. Source
Alluvial Deposit An area of sand, clay or other similar material that has been gradually deposited by moving water, such as along a river bed or shore of a lake. Source
Ambitus In roman law a path worn by going around, a space of at least 2 1/2 feet in width between neighbouring houses. Source
Angle The figure formed by two lines extending from the same point in degrees. Source
Animus Possidendi The intention of possession. Krcmar Surveyors Ltd.
Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) A meeting of the owners of a condominium corporation held in accordance with subsection 45 (2) of the Condominium Act. Source
AOLS Plan Submission Form All legal boundary survey plans prepared under the authority of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS) are required to include an official numbered sticker, embossed with the surveyor‘s seal. Plans are randomly reviewed and evaluated by the AOLS for content and quality to meet the statutes and regulations for legal boundary surveys. Copies of plans which do not have the surveyor‘s embossed seal are not considered « original plans ». Krcmar Surveyors Ltd.
Appellant The party which takes an appeal from one court to another. Source
Appraisal A valuation or an estimation of value of property by disinterested persons of suitable qualifications. Source
Approval Authority The approval authority for the purposes of sections 51, 51.1 and 51.2 of the Planning Act. Source
Appurtenant Easement Attaches to the land, benefiting the dominant estate. Source
Aquifer A water-bearing layer (or several layers) of rock or sediment capable of yielding supplies of water; typically is unconsolidated deposits or sandstone, limestone or granite; and can be classified as confined or unconfined. Source
Arc Any unbroken part of the circumference of a circle or other curved line. Source
Arpent Unit of length and area. As a unit of length, approximately 191.8 feet. The (square) arpent is a unit of area, approximately 0.845 acres, or 36,802 square feet. Source
Artesian Well A well that contains water under pressure. For artesian conditions to exist, an aquifer must be overlain by a confining material and receive a supply of water. Source
As-built survey A colloquial expression applied to new construction surveys. Sometimes used for property plans before the 1990s; also known as a « building location survey« . Krcmar Surveyors Ltd.
Ascertainable Point A point found or re-established in its original position on a line or boundary established during the original survey or on a line or boundary established during the survey of a plan of subdivision registered under the Land Titles Act or the Registry Act. Source
Assign At law, to transfer or make over to others, especially for the benefits of creditors Source
Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (A.O.L.S.) Professional body governing the practice of land surveying in Ontario. Krcmar Surveyors Ltd.
Astronomic Bearing A bearing determined by a star observation. Source
Astronomic North The direction from any point along a meridian towards the North Pole; also called geographic north. Source
Auditor Means a person licensed as a public accountant under the Public Accounting Act, 2004 who is appointed as an auditor of a corporation under section 60. Source
Authority Survey Plans Prior legal plans of survey upon which surveyors rely for retracing boundaries. Krcmar Surveyors Ltd.
Avenue A broad road in a town or city, typically having trees at regular intervals along its sides. In some cities a thoroughfare running at right angles to the streets in a city laid out on a grid pattern. A tree-lined approach to a country house. Source
Azimuth The directional bearing on a 360-degree circle which is measured clockwise from north. Source