The Center for Study and Valorization of Algae (CSVA) provides the list of authorized food algae in France

Dec 03, 2019
Sébastien Bouley

There is no specific regulation on food algae at European level, it is linked to the so-called “Novel Food” legislation. The latter applies to foods and ingredients that were not consumed significantly in Europe before May 15, 1997.
However, France had already adopted a similar approach since the early 1990s, leading to the creation of a list of “food” algae authorized in France. This list was then expanded, through evaluations in France as in Europe. The European Novel Food Catalog also lists several other species that can be consumed.

In the field of food supplements, in France, nearly thirty macroalgae and microalgae have been listed by regulation in the “Plants Order” of 2014. But through the marketing on the market in other European countries and the principle mutual recognition, other algae can now be marketed in France. In early 2019, the DGCCRF published an inventory of these traditional species authorized in Europe.

To find out more you can consult the list of approved algae in France and the regulatory summary made by the CSVA.

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