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About Orchidali

Orchidali is an independent consulting and training company specialized in Nutrition: in particular, scientific and regulatory affairs.

Since 2009, Orchidali has been supporting large, medium and small companies in the valorisation of the nutritional quality as well as wellness effects of their products:


*Including functional foods

We support companies in innovation and/or definition of their nutritional strategies to highlight their specificities and their strengths.

We offer scientific and regulatory services:

  • State of the art,
  • Search of scientific partners to perform studies and highlight the properties of the products,
  • Definition of the European regulatory status and its constraints,
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements in Europe to market and communicate to consumers,
  • Creation of communication tools respecting regulatory constraints and scientific data.

When feeding is health

“When feeding is health” is the raison d’être of our company and we share the definition of health according to the World Health Organisation:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.1

Orchidali works on the relationships between feeding, physical activities and all health aspects including safety issues, eating behaviour, psychological aspects and effects on metabolism and body functions. We believe in a holistic approach of Nutrition including public health, environmental sustainability, food science and processing, and physiology to satisfy all the increasingly demanding needs of the consumers. We believe in robust science-based argumentations to drive innovation and success.

1 Preamble to the Constitution of the World Health Organization (1946).

Our mission is to stand by our customers at each stage of the implementation of a strategy in nutrition, from analysis of the state of the art to development of tailor-made scientific communication tools. We provide:

Some facts about us

Our team

The Orchidali team provides skills and expertise in sciences, nutrition, health, and food quality. Based on our regulatory and scientific experience, we identify nutrition communication opportunities.


Christine BOULEY


Managing Director

Speaks French, English


Sébastien BOULEY

Agricultural Engineer, Business management & entrepreneurship Healthy and sustainable diets leader

Refferal trainer of the  Programme National Nutrition Santé (PNNS)

Speaks French, English


Stefania Ciacciarelli

Master’s degree in Human Nutrition, thesis project on food supplement regulation in six countries (IT, FR, ES, DE, CH and UK)

Project manager scientific and regulatory affairs

Speaks French, English, Italian

Our Services

Scientific & Regulatory Affairs

Orchidali helps you define and implement an action plan for promoting nutritional and health properties of your food products. The plan aims at ensuring the ongoing growth and development of your business while taking into account quality of the scientific evidence behind the product and regulatory constraints.

Raising awareness among employees and citizens of healthy and sustainable nutrition

By Nutrition we mean the balance between intake from food and expenditure from physical activity. A poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle are risk factors for certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity.
The National Health Nutrition Program 2018-2022 (PNNS 4) highlights the beneficial aspects of the combination of a balanced diet suitable for daily physical activity.

Sustainable development is defined by “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs”. Meeting sustainable development goals is also a challenge of our time for :


The PNNS commitment charter can be integrated into a corporate CSR policy or into a municipal program to improve / promote the local quality of life.
Having a healthy diet taking into account the aspects of sustainable development is essential for our health and for the planet. In this context, Orchidali supports companies or municipalities in carrying out their action plan in favor of healthy nutrition.

Because the health of your employees or your fellow citizens is important to you and you want to take action !

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Orchidali organise des sessions de formation interactives, sur mesure, concernant le contexte réglementaire lié à la communication des propriétés nutritionnelles et de santé des denrées alimentaires et à l’information du consommateur. Ces formations sont destinées à vos collaborateurs des services marketing ou R&D, leur but étant de faire comprendre les objectifs du législateur. Nous illustrons les exigences réglementaires avec des cas pratiques tirés de vos produits et de votre marché afin de capter l’attention des participants.


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Client cases

Some examples of our achievement


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Orchidali works with a network of independent experts to provide acute answers to your needs. We meet the experts and update our expertise by attending congresses in Nutrition and Health. We follow the last trends in innovation and development by attending Ingredient Exhibition Show.

We can also respond to specific requests of our clients based on the expertise of selected external partners:

  • Expert in statistics for meta-analysis of results from scientific studies
  • Analytical laboratories for characterization of constituents and the conformity of your labelling
  • Contract Research Organization (CRO) for clinical studies
  • Expert in bibliometric tool

Orchidali is a member of Synadiet, the French food supplement Association, the competitive cluster Terralia, the business network Plato and the French scientific network Fonds Français pour l’Alimentation et la Santé.


Our news

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