State of the art

In order to define and implement the strategy to valorise your products, we provide the analysis of:

  • Critical analysis of your scientific evidence (in vitro, animal and clinical studies),
  • Checking the adequacy of the study protocol, design and results with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) requirements and proposals for improvements.

  • Study of the regulatory status of your foodstuffs and related obligations,
  • Preparation of the notification to the French administration for the entry of new food supplements on the French market,
  • Assessment of the compliance of your communication with the European Regulations on nutrition and health claims (1924/2006) and on food information to consumers (1169/2011).

  • Assessment of the nutritional quality and identification of axes for improvement,
  • Clarification of the nutrition and health claims authorized in Europe,
  • Analysis of the gaps between available evidence and the communication.