EFSA scientific Colloquium on the safety of foods derived from cell cultures

May 10, 2023
Sébastien Bouley

EFSA is organizing a two-day scientific symposium on May 11 to gather scientific views and opinions from representatives of European, international and national agencies, technology companies as well as food operators, consumer groups and a range of individuals and other organizations interested in the issue of the safety of foods derived from cell cultures.

EFSA’s objective is to ensure that all the latest scientific and risk assessment developments have been taken into account when setting standards for the safety assessment of these new food technologies.

The Colloquium aims to:

  • Identify sectors in the agri-food system relevant to cell culture-derived foods and food ingredients;
  • Review the state of the art of relevant concepts, technologies, and derived products;
  • Discuss emerging safety and methodological aspects and their impact on EFSA’s risk assessment approaches.

This event will be held in Brussel and online in the EFSA’s website.

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