CONTEXT: You are looking for a novel axis of research, taking into account the potential competing companies, from a database of thousands of documents (articles/patents/clinical trials).

ORCHIDALI ACHIEVEMENT: Bibliometrics provide a global approach of studied research themes. We use a specific software, which allows among others to classify documents on several themes. The documents are categorised in fixed fields (year of publication, authors, affiliations, countries) that can be combined to customised fields (for instance ingredient type and health effects). We provide a report and/or a presentation explaining the different steps with final recommendation for the research project (ingredient, health effect, academic partners…) depending on the objectives of the project.

Some types of representations as examples

graphes labos etudes cliniques

ORCHIDALI ASSET: We provide our scientific knowledge in nutrition and our experience at using the tool on which we regularly follow the updating and new functionalities.

PERSPECTIVES: We can perform bibliometric analysis on documents related to health and nutrition but also on technologies, agriculture and environment.

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