Mondelēz International, Inc., is a world leader in chocolate, biscuits, gum, candy, coffee and powdered beverages with distribution in over 165 countries around the world.

CONTEXT: Mondelēz International, Inc. has conducted over twenty years of research into starch digestibility in cereal foods and its impact on postprandial metabolic responses. The company took the opportunity of the 12th European Nutrition Conference that was held in Berlin, Germany from October 20th to 23rd to organise a scientific workshop for providing the most recent state of the art on slowly digestible starch and its health interest.

ORCHIDALI ACHIEVEMENT: We supported Mondelēz International to set up the program, identify the speakers of the forum on the slowly digestible starch. We helped it to strengthen its contribution for increasing the scientific knowledge. We managed speakers and collected biographies, abstracts to be included in the leaflet for attendees. We ensured the scientific consistency and relevance across the presentations. We combined the texts of the speakers for preparing a conference report to be published in an international publication.

ORCHIDALI ASSET: Thanks to our expertise in nutrition and knowledge of the scientific community, we proposed experts and adapted symposium program to the professionals’ expectations. We ensured abstracts, presentations, texts of proceedings to be prepared in time. Our role was to build conditions that respect independency of the experts.

PERSPECTIVES: We can also identify research teams involved in the scientific topic of interest for you, worldwide. We can organise meetings and research partnerships to go further.

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