Analysis of EFSA methodological needs for evidence use in scientific assessments

nov. 02, 2016

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) PROMETHEUS (PROmoting METHods for Evidence Use in Scientific assessments) project published a new technical report on « EFSA methodological needs for evidence use ». After the first report published in 2015 illustrating the principles for evidence use and describing a four-step approach (plan/carry out/verify/report) to fulfil those principles, this second report analyses methodological needs, represented by guidance on the process for evidence use (addressed by cross-cutting methodological documents for use by all EFSA scientific panels and units/teams), specific training for EFSA staff and experts, further instructions in the existing regulatory frameworks for applicants, specialised repositories of data, IT (information technology) needs, or more structured approaches to outsourcing data collection, appraisal and syntheses.

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