The Healthgrain Forum proposes a definition for whole-grain food products

août 21, 2017


Many definitions already exist for whole-grain food, in line with the diversity of products containing cereals. In order to develop guidance on labeling the whole-grain content of foods, the Healthgrain Forum, a not-for-profit consortium of academics and industry working with cereal foods, established a working group. Their final recommendation is that a food may be labeled as “whole grain” if it contains ≥30% whole-grain ingredients in the overall product and contains more whole grain than refined grain ingredients, both on a dry-weight basis. The Healthgrain Forum want to encourage countries to adopt regulation around the labeling of whole grains.

You can find the full text article here.

In France, the National Nutrition Program recommends to consume cereal products every day and encourages to favor the whole-grain products.

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