Bioversity International published their Agrobiodiversity Index 2017

nov. 06, 2017


As the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity (2011–2020) reaches its mid-point, the United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition has just begun (2016–2025). This five-year overlap of global action offers a rare opportunity to bring together biodiversity and nutrition in novel ways for positive benefits to both.

The Convention on Biological Diversity has spearheaded for ten years a cross-cutting initiative on biodiversity for food and nutrition in order to create an Agrobiodiversity Index, which can help bring production and consumption together for sustainable biodiversity-based solutions. This rapport could raise awareness about the multiple links between biodiversity, healthy nutrition and sustainable food production and, thereby, help promote the multiple aspects of sustainable food systems.

Thus, according to this Agrobiodiversity Index, almost 75% of our dietary intake come from only 12 plant species and 5 main animal species and 90% of cultivated species would have disappeared for the last century.

If you want to learn furthermore about this rapport, you can check the full rapport or the summary here.

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