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Gut bacteria may help fight obesity and mental disorders

After five years of investigation, the european research program “MYNEWGUT” has released its results on how the human gut microbiota and its

Climate change may cause nutritional deficiencies

Due to global warming, atmospheric CO2 concentrations are rising. Many food crops grown under 550 ppm of CO2 have protein, iron and zinc

Tolerable upper intake level for vitamin D for infants

EFSA has launched an open consultation on its draft scientific opinion on tolerable upper intake level for vitamin D for infants from

EFSA consultation: health claims related to muscle function and physical performance

EFSA has launched an open consultation on its new guidance for the scientific requirements for health claims related to muscle function and

INRA study regarding acceptance of food textures in children

Little evidence is available about when to introduce which texture during the timely complementary food introduction. A French team (INRA) studied longitudinally

Nutritional quality of food products according to the type of brand

The French Observatory of Food Quality (Oqali) published a comparison of the nutritional content of processed foods available on the French market.

Journées Aliments & Santé : 20 et 21 juin

Les JAS, rendez-vous de l’innovation et de la nutrition, se tiendront les 20 et 21 juin à La Rochelle. Comme tous les

Probiotic supplementation in healthy adults

Probiotic supplements have a positive impact on several health outcomes reviewed the current literature, published between 1990 and August 2017, on the

Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE) and Orchidali obtain a positive opinion from EFSA

EFSA gave a positive opinion regarding SNE’s health claim request, rewarding the work of our agency with this professional. The European Authority

Persistent microbiome alterations may modulate the rate of post-dieting weight regain

The Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science, in Israël identified an intestinal microbiome signature that persists after successful dieting of obese