Slovenian study on the quality of food and nutrition claims labeled on the slovenian market

Apr 05, 2019
Sébastien Bouley

The slovenian Nutrition Institute has assessed the nutritional quality of foods labeled with the claims available on the Slovenian market using two models, the Nutritional Profile of Australia and New Zealand Food Standards (NAANZ) and the model. Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization for Europe (WHO). Data on prepackaged foods in the Slovenian food supply were collected in 2015 from a representative sample (n = 6619) and supplemented by 12-month product sales data for more accurate assessments of the food supply. A significant proportion of foods labeled with any type of health claim have been found to have poor nutritional quality. About 68% of foods labeled with health claims met the NAANZ criteria (75% when considering sales data) and 33% the WHOE model (56% when sales data are taken into account).
These results highlight the need for stricter regulations for the use of health claims and to build on the available knowledge of nutritional profile to improve the nutritional quality of foods labeled with health claims.

To know more, you can check the full study at this link.

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