The new recommendations on diet, physical activity and physical inactivity in France: PNNS 4 (2017-2021)

Jan 24, 2019
Sébastien Bouley

Santé publique France has published the new recommendations on diet, physical activity and sedentary lifestyle for adults. They aim to guide the French towards healthier food choices and a more active lifestyle by practicing more physical activity and limiting sitting time. Based on science and tested with the general public and professionals, they are presented and formulated in a simple, practical and accessible way. Two levels of information are available: either simplified or detailed for those who want to go further. Simplified, the recommendations are grouped into three tips to guide consumers: Increase, Go to and Reduce (infographic attached).

The quantitative benchmarks are:

Categories Benchmarks
Fruits and vegetables At least 5 a day + A small handful a day of nuts
Legumes At least 2 times a week
Complete starchy foods At least 1 per day
Dairy products 2 per day
Meat and poultry Choose poultry and limit other meats (pork, beef, veal, mutton, lamb, offal) to 500 g per week.
Fish twice a week, including 1 fatty fish
Charcuterie Limit consumption to 150g per week
Added fat In small amounts. Choose rapeseed, walnut and olive oil.
Sugary, fatty, sweet, salty and ultra-processed foods Limit
Alcohol Maximum 2 glasses per day and not every day
Salt Reduce salt intake
Physical activity At least 30 minutes of dynamic physical activity per day
Sedentarity Do not sit too long: take the time to walk a little every 2 hours.

Compared to the previous recommendations, the novelties are:

– the recommendation of unsalted nuts, dried vegetables, homemade vegetables,

– the recommendation of complete cereal foods, seasonal and locally produced foods, organic foods,

– the integration of Nutri-Score to choose the best processed foods,

– the recommendation to reduce sitting time during the day.

The detailed recommendations also offer general advice that introduces novelties by introducing the concepts of pleasure to eat, portion size or taking into account the environment.

For more information, you can consult the full article of Santé publique France.

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