Nutri-Score in Romania: senators reject it and ask for a new food labeling

Jun 30, 2022
Sébastien Bouley

USR Constanța senator, Remus Negoi gave a speech in the Senate plenary session regarding the legislative initiative of USR deputy, Adrian Wiener, concerning voluntary nutrition labeling “Nutri-Score and the importance of a healthy diet”.

Nutritional risk is the biggest public health risk both in Romania and Europe, and inadequate nutrition is the cause of many diseases. In order to raise awareness and mitigate nutritional risk, it is necessary to improve the access to information on food content and its impact on health. Romania needs a new nutritional labeling model, and Nutri-Score has several advantages:

-it is a visual system;

-it is based on a chromatic structure, easy to interpret;

-and it informs the consumer, whatever his level of education, about the nutritional quality of the food he buys.

The system has already been applied voluntarily in several European countries, and studies have shown that such chromatic inscription is associated with healthier food choices” said Remus Negoi.

Finally, the law was was not adopted by vote from the Parliament of Romania, although USR senators voted “yes”.

To know more about it, you can consult the article and the video of the speech in the romanian Senate.