New participatory science project from INRAE/MGPS and AP-HP in France: “Le French Gut”

Sep 15, 2022
Sébastien Bouley

This unprecedented participatory science project, led by MetaGenoPolis/INRAE and the AP-HP, is part of a global dynamic and opens up promising prospects for the development of innovative health approaches. This ambitious project, estimated at €32 million over 5 years, is part of the One health concept and contributes to one of INRAE 2030’s strategic objectives of promoting a global approach to health.

With the help of the French people, a great deal of scientific knowledge will be generated, ultimately enabling us to move towards personalized preventive nutrition.

The French Gut revolves around 3 scientific axes:

  • mapping the gut microbiota of the French people;
  • modeling and predicting changes of the intestinal microbiota associated with chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases), neurodevelopmental disorders (autism, bipolarity…) and neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s disease);
  • describing changes of the gut microbiota associated with presence and development of the diseases and functional disorders named in the previous point.

The French Gut calls on the French population to contribute to the mapping of the national intestinal microbiota with the ambition by 2027 to collect 100,000 faecal samples and 3,000 for the first pilot phase launched in September 2022. Participants, in return, will be made aware to the world of microbiota and its link with health and food.

To find out more and participate in the pilot phase, you can register on “Le French Gut” website. You can also consult the press release (in french) and the presentation booklet (in french) of the project by INRAE.

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