Plant-based diet could lead to Crohn’s disease remission

Jul 20, 2019
Sébastien Bouley

Following a plant-based diet could be an effective treatment for Crohn’s disease, according to an US study. This study involved a 20-year-old man diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after experiencing fatigue, bloating, episodic abdominal pain, nausea, and occasional ulcers for several years.

His condition has not changed after more than a year of intravenous treatment. However, the patient decided to maintain his new diet – which was based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes – and presented a complete remission of Crohn’s disease. The tests showed complete healing of the mucosa and the patient was able to stop taking his medication. He has not reported a relapse since.

To know more, you can consult the full report of the study at this link.

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